Pre-Pointe & Pointe I-II Classes

Pre-Pointe/Pointe I


Pointe classes are by placement only.  Dancers who begin Pre-Pointe will start classes in normal flat ballet shoes until they are deemed ready for Pointe shoes by their instructor.


Pointe is for the more experienced ballet dancer and should be taken seriously.  Pointe can lead to many dangerous injuries and pains, if you are not carefully instructed by a qualified instructor.  All pointe instructors at Dance Prodigy Studios have years of pointe experience, have been taught how to properly fit pointe shoes, how to tell if a student is ready for pointe technically and physically, and will always encourage parents to have their pediatrician check your dancer's feet to ensure that growth plates are ready for pointe.


After giving the "ok" to purchase pointe shoes we encourage our students to bring in the shoes that they have purchased to the next class unsewn so we can double check the fit of the shoe on our student's feet.  Ill fitting pointe shoes may give you blisters, sore feet and legs, bunions, caluses, and bloody toes. There are different methods of pointe just like ballet on flat.  Vaganova, Balanchine, Cecchetti,and RAD are just a few of the many styles.  Our chosen methods are Vaganova and Cecchetti.


-Do NOT purchase pointe shoes until the class instructor gives you permission.  Each dancer has different strengths and growth levels.  Everyone will be ready at different stages.  Some are able to start as young as 11 while others are still not physically, emotionally, or technically ready at the age of 16.  If you go en pointe too early you will risk deforming and damaging your feet permanently.  You will also risk damage to your ankles, knees and ligaments.  Please trust your instructor.  We want you to be able to experience the joy of Pointe without the risk of injury.


-Everyone will participate in recital but not all will be allowed to wear pointe shoes for Recital.  This is for your dancer's safety and health.  Those who are not ready to wear their pointe shoes for recital will wear their pink leather ballet shoes.


Rules:  Do NOT purchase pointe shoes without the permission of your instructor.  Do NOT wear your pointe shoes at home without your instructor's permisson.  If you wear your pointe shoes without your teacher's permission you are risking permanent damage to your feet and ankles.

Class Attire

Pointe: same attire as normal ballet classes.  Do not purchase your pointe shoes without your instructor's permission.

In The News & Reviews

"We have been at Dance Prodigy Studios for 3 years now. My girls love the studio and have learned so much from all the teachers. Both my girls danced for over 10 years at another studio that closed down when we came to Dance Prodigy Studio so they were by no means new to dance. However, what they have learned in the short time that they have been at DPS is amazing. All the teachers have not only influenced my girls in dance but also have been good role models for my teenage girls. I trust them completely with the teachers. I also would like to say that Mrs. Rachel does not only care about my girls, but she cares about the whole family. She has done so many wonderful things for our family and has touched our lives and our hearts in a profound way. I would highly recommend DPS to anyone who is looking for not only a great dance studio but also a family friendly place." -Kathy N., Review

"We are so proud to call Dance Prodigy our studio. Mrs. Rachel and her staff love my girls like their own. The are not only talented dancers themselves, they are dedicated to the growth and development of their students. Having a dance background myself, I greatly appreciate the balance of fun and discipline they use in class. It teaches skills to be used throughout life, even after dance. They have such a positive influence on their dancers and I couldn't imagine being anywhere else!!"-Brittney P., Review

"Rachel, the owner of DPS really cares about each student, and also about their modesty and character."-Tracy C., Dallas A-List Review

"Great drama free atmosphere. Awesome teachers. My daughter is about to start her 3rd year at Dance Prodigy and I can t find enough words to express how much this studio rocks." -Randall, Review

"My daughter comes here for dance class. The instructor is very good with the girls, ranging from 2 to 4. She really loves the classes and the studio, while small, maximizes on it's space well. My 2 year old looks forward to this every week."-Gerald W., Review

"My daughter loves Dance Prodigy! She cannot wait to go to class every Monday night. Thank you to the great teachers you have teaching Pre-ballet!" -Shawnna, Yahoo Local Reviews

"We couldn't ask for a better dance studio.  Great owner, great staff, great parents, and amazingly talented kids!" -Andrea Cooper Hicks, Facebook Review

"...I live 30 miles away and therefore not really able to go home and them come back, so I need to wait there.  I have met some super nice people including the instructors and the parents.  You don't have to just sit there and read.  Instead, you can have some fun conversations to pass the time.  The best studio in Texas!" -Dana Ward & Michael Ward, Facebook & Google+ Review

"Great place to dance!!!  Absolutely the best teachers ever."-RandandFrances Strawn, Facebook Review

"My daughter has been dancing here for a few months and she LOVES it. Her self esteem is higher now than it has ever been." -Yahoo Local User, Yahoo Local Reviews

"...The owner and teachers really care about these kids! It's not just a business for them. I will never use a different studio as long as Dance Prodigy is around. Ms. Rachel is an excellent owner, and teacher. She is always more than happy to help with anything." -Anonymous, SuperPages Review

"It's old fashioned dance fun and the classes are highly structured with real form and technique while still making dance highly affordable to the Greenville, TX area..."-Google+ Review

"Truly an amazing place.  The staff, parents and dancers are all so wonderful."-Melinda Brumley Latte, Facebook Review

"...You would have thought that this was their 100th time putting on a recital with small kids!!!  My face hurt for days from the non-stop smiles and crying when we watched our little girl perform!!!  Can't wait for classes to start....I would recommend Dance Prodigy Studios for anyone!!  We really love the fact that we get to sit and watch every class and see how our little star grew throughout the season!!!!"

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